Monday, April 9, 2012

Loving Lucca

We had a great breakfast in the hotel.  Our room was spacious, wonderful friendly owners, horrible beds and a pretty miserable shower.  We headed into the town which was just minutes away and rented bikes for the day.  Rode around Lucca which is such a cute town.  Every building is just what you would expect an Italian village to look like.  There were beautiful cathedrals, tons of museums, and there is a beautiful tree lined path on top of the city wall that surrounds Lucca.  After we rode around the town for a while, we headed out to the Tuscan Countryside.  The weather was perfect.  We came back into town for a late lunch and then hopped on a train headed for Siena.

This was a typical courtyard in Lucca.
One of the many beautiful piazzas.
The path on the wall surrounding the city.

Pizza, pizza, and more pizza.

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