Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cow Parade

Every fall, farmers in villages all over the alps bring their cows down from the high meadows in a traditional parade, with lots of food, musical performances, and cows in fancy dress. We almost didn't go, because Saturday morning it was raining, and it would be more than two hours travel each way.  But we finally plucked up enough determination and found our way out to the village of Kerns, in the center of Switzerland.  Once we arrived, it didn't take five minutes before we were splattered with cow-poop and nearly crushed by promenading cows. It was total-immersion tourism.  
Alpabzug, Kerns.  Bringing the cows down from their high alps for the winter. 

This one had an attitute problem. 
Musicians all over the place

There was an announcer introducing each group on the loudspeakers, and lots of cheering. 

Someone said the big bell is to slow down the front cow so she doesn't run a away with the rest.

Rainy Day in Kerns, but the show goes on in all weather. 

The stick is for whacking cows when they get out of line

After the parade we took the long way home, through the Sarneraa valley and the Brünig Pass to Meiringen where we stopped for lunch, then past the Brienzersee, Thunersee and home to Bern. 
Lungerersee (good fishing, I think) near the Brünig Pass

Somewhere in the Sarneraa Valley

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