Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Richard's are Here!

Tuesday afternoon I took the train to Basel and then a bus to the airport.  I got there early but was surprised when I saw that their plane had already landed fifteen minutes ahead of schedule.  Luckily I was right there when Mike and Becky got off the plane and it was so great to see them.  We took the bus, then the train to Bern. They checked into their hotel that was right by the train station and then we grabbed a quick bite to eat.  Wednesday it was kind of rainy and they spent the day in Montreaux and Chateux de Chillon.  They came over for dinner that night and we had our traditional raclette.  How many times a year can a person eat a meal of potatoes, cheese, and bacon?  Maybe I should ask, how many times a year should a person eat a meal of potatoes, cheese, and bacon?  

Thursday was a fun day even though the weather was a little cloudy.  We wanted to ride the scooters in Grindelwald but figured they weren't running because of the rain.  Mike, Becky, and I headed to Lauterbrunnen and then Trummelbach Falls.  We had lunch in Interlaken and then spent the rest of the afternoon seeing some of Bern.  I was quite disappointed that we missed a lot of my favorite places because of the weather.  Luckily they went back up to the same area on Friday and had some great weather.  Friday night we met for a late dinner in Bern and then said good-bye.  So sad to say good-bye for another year to two of the greatest people I know.

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