Monday, September 24, 2012

Glacier Express

Monday morning we headed to Zermatt on the train.  It was rainy but we grabbed some lunch and enjoyed the two hour train ride to a town right outside of Zermatt.  To save a few francs, we had reserved a hotel room in Täsch - just twenty minutes walk from the station where everyone parks their car before taking a shuttle train into Zermatt. The Matterhorn was cloud-covered, so we checked into our hotel room first. After a power nap, took the shuttle into Zermatt for awhile. We tried to eat dinner at 5:00, but learned that nobody serves dinner until 7. So we bought groceries for Tuesday's Glacier Express train ride and went back to Täsch to have dinner at the hotel restaurant.  Easier to walk with all the groceries while it was still light and not so cold. But the hotel restaurant was closed for the night. So we walked back into Täsch town center for pizza. We made that "short" walk five times that day.  On Tuesday, we enjoyed the eight-hour Glacier Express panoramic train ride through the top of the Alps for seven hours. 

Grandpa at GramPi's

Josh doing Swiss "Basteln" projects he learned in school. 
Everyone was astonished by the sight of the Matterhorn

Scenes from the Glacier Express
Upper Rhône, upper Rhine, Valais-Uri-Grisons. 

Beautiful Saint Moritz -
"Familienfreundliche Ferien in der Chesa Spuondas"

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