Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lucern and Mount Rigi

Monday Juanita and I went on a beautiful walk by the river in the morning and then we  went with my friend Lori to the grocery store.   In the afternoon Juanita and Sterling took another walk while Lori, Kelly, Josh and I all got our haircut.  I have a girl that comes to  your house to do hair which makes it very convenient.

Tuesday morning Juanita took Sterling on a long walk down by the river while I stayed home and started to work on plans for our trip to England.  We were waiting for Josh to get home at noon so he could spend the day with us but his teacher sent him home early because he was sick.  Now a good parent would cancel their plans for the day to take care of their sick son, but Josh said he was fine to be home alone so we headed out as soon as Juanita and Sterling got back from their walk.  We spent the day in Lucern.  We took the boat across the lake then a cable car and then a train up to the top of Rigi.  It was a nice day but the clouds obscured our views a bit.
Mt. Rigi

 On the boat across Lake Lucern.

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