Saturday, September 8, 2012

Waterskiing without a Boat

Saturday was our Ward's annual waterskiing trip.  Our sweet Bishop picked my family up and drove them out to a beautiful lake where our ward rents out the water skiing facility. It is so cool.  You stand on the dock and  grab on to the cable that drags you around and around in a circle.  Keith went five times without falling.  Kelly knee boarded and Josh and Keith skied. I had not slept the night before so I stayed home and missed all the fun.  Sleeping problems are the worst!
Keith, what a stud!

Annabella and Kelly
Alyna, Annabella, Kelly, and Lara
Josh and Jethro

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  1. They had one of those contraptions at Lake Powell this year. How cool is your ward! And how cute is your family!!! Sorry about the sleep problems. That is definitely no fun! Wish I was coming along with mom and dad :(