Tuesday, October 2, 2012

England - Day Two

Sometimes we assume our kids know we are kidding and they don't.   Sometimes we assume they are smarter than they really are.  A year ago Jana Moffitt visited us after a trip to London.  She gave my kids her English coins and said here is some money so you can go see the Queen.  A year later Josh says, mom, I'm bringing the money Jana gave me so we can go see the queen.  Haha, I think.  The day we headed to Buckingham Palace where the "Queen"  lives Josh says , "Mom, am I suppose to call her your Highness?"  He was not joking and Jana you owe him a visit with the queen or he will be scarred for life.

Buckingham Palace

Walking through Hyde Park 
Tour of Westminster Abbey

Are they warning the people of London?
Kelly and Keith went to Phantom.
Then walked around Picadilly Circus.

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  1. Dru! Can't believe we were maybe 50 meters apart from eachother at the Changing the Guard ceremony! Check my blog!! And have fun the rest of your stay!