Friday, October 5, 2012

Wiltshire countryside

Last night we slept in a haunted room in the King's Head Inn. Every 20 minutes, the house would moan and groan and shudder for about 30 seconds, and the wind howled relentlessly.  Luckily, the pounding rock-bass from the pub downstairs serenaded us to sleep.  Today, it rained. We visited Salisbury, Stonehenge, Bath, and Bristol. 
Two survivors of the King's Head Inn

View from the cloister, Salisbury Cathedral
Spire is 123 meters, tallest church in England!
Inside the cathedral
Four enigmas.   
These rocks weigh up to 45 tons each!
Joshua weighs up to .045 tons.
Fan Vaulting in the Abbey Church of St. Peter and St. Paul
Pulteney Bridge over the Avon, Bath
It rained a lot
"John Woods' Circus"
18th century Geogian architecture in Bath

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  1. Everything looks fantastic. Wish we were there. Hope you enjoyed the stage plays you have seen. We still miss you. Juanita