Saturday, October 20, 2012

Staying close to home ain't so bad.

Sometimes we get so busy taking friends to the popular places in Switzerland or leaving Switzerland to see other countries, we miss out on some of the cool places just around the corner.  Kelly had young women's Friday night and then stayed at her friend Lara's house so she could go to her first dance on Saturday night.  Josh, Keith and I took a train to a cute little town called Le Landeron.  Afterwards we grabbed some lunch and went to Neuchatel to have a picnic by the lake.

I must say how much I appreciate hand me downs.  My daughter Jenny has hardly had to buy a thing for her two boys thanks to Britney Nelson and Josh has benefitted greatly from Christian Nielsen's hand me downs.  Thank you both.  So Josh had a friend over the other day and I noticed that he was wearing one of Christian's hand me downs, in fact he said it's one of his favorite shirts.

Nathan (in Christian's shirt), Ryan, and Josh

I took a walk the other day and passed some cows in a field.  They were completely quiet, just chewing on grass, but as I passed by, one started mooing and then like five others mooed.  I know they were talking to me and after being "on vacation" in many ways for fourteen months, I must say I agree with them.  I have two months with no travels and no guests and I am vowing to get back on track.  That's the last time a cow will poke fun at me.


  1. You are hilarious Dru! And your own digs are pretty gorgeous! Wow!!!

  2. I think the 5 cows were me, Nicole, Leslee, Brit, Michelle & Wendy all saying "MOOOOVEEEE home!!!!" We "MOOOOSSS you!

  3. P.S. I have a whole stack of clothes that I am keeping for Josh! Wish I could get them to you.