Wednesday, October 31, 2012

simplify, simplify, simplify

Last Thursday I had a Stake Relief Society meeting in Zolikofen.  It took us less than twenty minutes to get there but for many of the ladies that were there it was an hour to an hour and a half away.  And nearly every ward had their full presidency there.  That was the first shocker of the night.  Would I travel three hours in all just to go to a meeting?  I am so spoiled having lived in the West all my life.
Second shocker.  There was nothing on the table.  No table cloth, no flowers, nothing but a table with papers and scriptures.  Even the refreshment table was just a few little snacks and some individual bottles of drinks.  Now I'm not saying decorations are bad, but are they necessary?  It was a wonderful meeting with a wonderful spirit.  I sat and listened without being distracted by all the beautiful things laid out on the table.  Maybe that's just me and my short attention span.  But one thing I know for sure is no one spent countless hours filled with stress and neglect of important things in order to have decorations and handouts, and gifts.  Now I am as guilty as the next guy and the beautiful displays can add a lot.  My question is only, do we go overboard at the risk of stressing out the person in charge.  Same meeting, same spirit, just with a lot less stress.

Friday afternoon Kelly had five of her friends come over for her birthday.  They were all so cute during the day.  Having surprised her at our house in the morning with cakes and candles, giving her gifts at school, and then bringing more gifts to her party.  My third shocker was how excited these cute kids got about a bumper ball, a little bag of candy, and a fairly simple dinner.  They were just so excited and so very appreciative.  I felt like it took very little to thrill these sweet kids.  It was also such fun to hear their conversations in Swiss German and hear Kelly talking fluently right in the middle of it all.

Kelly riding her scooter to the grocery store to get things for her party.
No car needed!

Kelly and Jamileh
Safia and Kelly
Vaithi and Kelly
Aya, Tashi, Jamileh, Safia, Kelly, Vaithi

Keith had been out of town most of the week and finally got home late Friday night.  Saturday he still had meetings all day and all night.  We missed him but Kelly had a fun party and most of the kids slept over and they had a fun morning as well.  My sweet friend Lori, took Josh for the night and he was thrilled to be away from all the girls.

Sunday was the best Sunday of the year.  It was our Primary Program and it was wonderful.  Josh gave his part in German and did really well.

Due to an earlier posts about even the cows here making fun of me, I have been trying to walk everyday.  Monday and Tuesday were great.  Wednesday I got up to go and dropped my computer transformer box on my foot.  Oops, can't even get my shoe on.



  1. Your foot... oh my gosh. This is why I don't exercise... it is DANGEROUS!!! Great post - I like that you are looking for all the things to love about your adventure!

  2. So inspiring, the simplifying of things! But even your simple birthday party looked pretty amazing Dru! Happy Birthday to Joshy boy! Love that kid! And wow! were you barefoot at the time you dropped the transformer on your foot? I can't wait to hear your kids speak German. They are going to miss it so much. Call some day. Love you!