Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Day with Caro

Sunday after spending the day in Stratford-upon-Avon, we drove to Derby, pronounced Daaawby, and found an inexpensive hotel close to where our friend Caro had just moved.  We picked her up Monday morning and headed to Nottingham.  It is a wonderful old town and even though it was raining we found some fun stuff to do.  We went to the Shire Hall, with the original dungeons of the Sheriff of Nottingham, that showed and described many awful ways that people used to be punished for their crimes.  Seven years in jail, and then deported to Australia for stealing a pint of milk or a pound of wheat.  We then went on a tour of some of the underground tunnels in Nottingham.  

That night we went with Caro to our favorite Derby diner -- favorite because we had eaten there the night before and it was cheap and good.

It was so fun to spend the day with Caro!

A notorious criminal. 

Magistrates and Barristers at work. 

Two awesome German-language instructors at the Pitcher & Piano.
The bar is in a deconsecrated Unitarian Church on High Pavement, Nottingham

Preparing to go underground!

Old leather-tanning pits in the caves

We learned about the bombings of London and Dresden during WWII
Caro's grandma had to flee Dresden with her children to escape the devastation. 

Life in the bomb shelter.

Nottingham city center. 

Thing 1 & Thing 2

Robin Hood, storming the Nottingham Castle
We were lucky to get this far onto the grounds because it was closed to prepare for a beer festival. 

Gate into Nottingham Castle

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  1. I thought for sure the archer in the bushes was Josh :)