Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chateau De Chillon

I must say, there are many times I wonder what I have done and why I have left everything I love, but this weekend reminded of why I am here.

Friday afternoon was spent finalizing our Swiss bank account.  Not as easy a process as you might think.  We then headed over to the Gurten Festival which is a huge rock festival on top of a mountain in Bern. We just wanted to take a tram ride and look at the view, but as we headed over there we decided the rough crowd was not for us.  We headed home where the kids played with friends.  Josh had a camp out and Kelly went to a friend's house and watched "Tangled" in German.

Saturday morning we took a train to Lausanne.  Met some wonderful people from Bakersfield, CA that had just spent a few weeks in Switzerland.  They had this great book on all the things to do in Switzerland and they gave it to us as we got off the train.  So nice. (I didn't catch their names, but she is the President of the Kiwanis Club in Bakersfield, so I should try and track her down.)  We then took another train to Montreux.  It is a French speaking town which made it a lot easier since Keith speaks the language.  We shopped and had chocolate crepes for lunch and ate on a bench overlooking Lake Geneva. ( Every time I eat crepes or speak to someone with a strong french accent I think of Dane Pearson, miss my friends!)  We then took a boat to Chateau de Chillon where we spent a few hours touring this amazing castle.  At 4:00 we got back on the boat, but this time took it all the way to Lausanne.  It was an incredibly scenic ride and we sat at a table, had snacks, and played cards.  In Lausanne we walked around the lake shore, had dinner at an Italian restaurant, and planned our next trip to Lausanne where you can rent paddle boats with a slide that drops you into the lake.

Montreux - The Montreux Jazz Festival was going on so the town was hopping.

Crepes by Lake Geneva

Funny t-shirt 

Ice cream after the castle tour.

I just can't get over the views.


Dinner - Still can't get over the cost of eating out.

I Love Switzerland

On the train heading back to Bern.

On Sunday we walked into church and Kelly said, "That girl takes dance with me at CBT."  What a small world. Mariana Medina was visiting family here.  It was fun for Kelly to have a friend in Sunday School and Young Women's.  There was also a missionary that had just arrived in Switzerland from Pleasant Grove, UT - Elder Varney, who spoke excellent German.  We had also met two elders at the Castle on Saturday, from Riverside and San Diego.  Fun to run across so many Americans.

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  1. I am drooling over all your pictures, and at the thought of chocolate crepes. I love your new digs! I can't wait to see them in person! I'm so glad you are having this wonderful adventure. It made me sad to read that you were feeling homesick a while ago. But it looks like you have already made so many friends. And thank goodness for the church! What would we do with out insta-ward families. So excited for you!