Sunday, July 3, 2011

Settling In

This is the market that is just a minute walk.

I passed a small farm in the middle of the city on my walk.

From soccer ball clockwise - Eli, Josh, Schulie, Kelly, Elena

On the train headed to church
  Saturday we slept in and then did wash all morning. Kelly thought it was actually kind of fun to hang clothes on the line. There is no dryer here, which is typical. The kids spent the entire day until 10:00 at night playing with the kids in the neighborhood, which is typical (for Kelly and Josh). I was homesick all day and took a long walk by myself, missing my friends and my walking partner Melissa. I headed down to the Aare River, and got lost with a hundred different trails to get home. When I came home from my walk, I found Kelly and Josh sitting in a circle with a bunch of other kids. They were having a long conversation even though they didn't speak the language.  Eventually Kelly brought out her iPod, and they took turns typing into GoogleTranslate. The neighborhood kids pulled out a ping-pong table and that was fun.
      We went to the Bern ward today, located more in the city of Bern. It felt like a smaller ward than Zollikofen, but very nice like Zollikofen. A family invited us to a 4th of July party tomorrow. The kids and I will take the train to Keith's work, where the husband will pick us up and drive us out to the country for the party.  The husband is from Connecticut, the wife is from Switzerland. They have four children. The oldest son is going to the MTC in Provo next week to prepare for a mission to Greece.


  1. Hi Dru,

    We just got back from Lake Powell and our trip to Disneyland and the first thing I did was check your blog. It was so fun to see your beautiful pictures and see the kids in their new temporary home. Tell Josh that Christian emailed him (not sure how often he checks it). I have to admit that I was at Rumbi's today and I had a moment of silence for you thinking about how expensive your Mcdonald's hamburger is and how much we take for granted. We miss you guys but know that you are having such a great experience together.

    Cant wait to read more of your fun daily adventures! Love ya, Rob

  2. Thank goodness for google translate, and children in general! And members of the ward who invite you to parties! You guys are awesome! I love that you write so many fun details so I can picture exactly where you are and what you're doing. We have a missionary from Hollister in Greece :) Hang in there through the homesickness. Love and miss you!!!