Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zermatt (not the one in Midway)

We wanted to go somewhere at the last minute but had a difficult time finding a reasonably priced hotel for four people.  Our criteria: someplace in Switzerland, sleeps four, cheap.  

We left Saturday morning and headed to the Matterhorn.  We spent the day in Zermatt and took the  train up to the Gomergrat where there are spectacular views of the Matterhorn. But not the day we were there,  It was cloudy and rainy.  There was a marathon taking place and the entire coarse was uphill - Angie, let's see how tough you really are. 

The Marathon was from Zermatt to Gomergrat - all uphill
The train that takes  you up the mountain.
One of the many waterfalls.

Saturday afternoon we walked around in the town of Zermatt and then bought groceries at the Coop for dinner.  We went back to our hotel just a short train ride from Zermatt in Tasch.  We swam and had dinner on the deck- bread, fruit, and chocolate.   The hotel was amazing, two bedroom, living room and kitchen - the best part was sleeping on a real bed instead the futon mattress I have at home.

Sunday, the skies were a little clearer and we hiked around Zermatt and got to see most of the Matterhorn



  1. We watched an episode of Amazing Race a few weeks ago that took place right there in Zermatt! What a neat place! Your pictures are awesome as always. I'm having a vicarious vacation through you this summer. Thanks again for sharing! I want to have bread fruit and chocolate for lunch too. Miss you!

  2. Have been to Zermatt several times, but have actually seen the Matterhorn only rarely. From your pictures, it looks like you had a pretty good view. Have also stayed in Taesch, slept under Federdeckes, and enjoyed bread and chocolate for many a meal. Only been home a week, but I am "homesick" for Switzerland already. *Sigh*