Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our New Digs

We found a place to live for the next couple of years.  Yay!  We love the area our temporary flat is in, but were not very hopeful that we could find a permanent place here.  In fact we have not seen anything in this area on the Internet. Fortunately,  my sweet neighbor who lives above us told me about a place in the area that was going to be available.  Unfortunately, someone else in the complex had already applied for it.  Fortunately, her place would then be available.  Unfortunately, the reason that she was moving is that it's on the fourth floor, no lift, fewer windows than I would want, and a tiny balcony.  Fortunately, it is charming, across the street from the kids school, in a great area, and I can use the exercise.  Unfortunately, we can't move in until September 1, school starts Aug. 15, and we have to be out of our place by Aug. 1.

We have no idea what we will do the month of August.  We can only hope it's good camping weather.

Here are some pictures of our place beginning September 1 - IKEA, here we come.

I am now ready to start taking reservations.  We only have one bathroom, that will be an inconvenience, but we will put a queen bed in Kelly's room and that will make a nice guest room.

Wonderful new kitchen, dishwasher and all.  Well, not all,
they don't have garbage disposals in Switzerland.

Big dining room 

The balcony is long and skinny, enough for a few chairs.

Nice size family room that is connected to the dining room
that is connected to the kitchen.  Big plus!

This will be Keith and my room, not the biggest, but has windows  and a closet.

Only one toilette! :(

This will be the guest room - big enough for even Tina's family! 
This will be Josh's room and Kelly's when we have guests.  Josh wanted
 bunk beds but with the ceiling , we will have to do two twins instead.

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  1. I'm glad you know where you are going to live--fortunately! :)
    I'm drooling over the scenery again. We are SO coming to visit!