Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Brave Little Camper

     After church Sunday we went on a four hour bike ride with our neighbors Carmen and Uli.  They showed us where a wonderful pool is called the Muribat, we rode around the airport in Bern, and then rode back through a beautiful area with amazing homes called Muri.  It made me realize that our bikes will open up a whole new part of Bern that we can't easily get to by train.  When we got home Kelly told me that she had decided she wanted to go to girls camp, which began the next morning.  I was shocked that she would want to spend three days and two nights with 12 girls she didn't  know and that don't speak much English.  She is braver than I ever was.(or maybe so sick of Josh and me that she would do anything to get away from us)  Either way, I was thrilled.  We got her packed and woke up early the next morning to buy some things and get her to the train station by 9:00.  My friend  Renate picked her up and off they went.  I sure hope she has fun.

On the way to girls camp.

     Today, Josh and I went on a long bike ride.  First we headed through the forest, along the river, then up the hill to say hi to my friend Monique in Wabern.  Then we headed over the bridge, past the zoo, through the cornfields,  and  to the Muribat Pool.  It is a beautiful pool right next to the Aare River.  It was too cold for me,  but Josh had fun jumping off the high dive and going down the slide. We had lunch next to the river.

Over the bridge

Past the pelicans,

Past the animal with big horns,

past the wild hogs,
through the cornfields,

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  1. Dru, your pictures and blog are fantastic! I feel like I am in Switzerland again! How wonderful that Kelly decided to go to Girls Camp and I'm betting it will be a positive experience for her.
    I had to feel sorry for you/wish I was with you when you walked into the grocery store to buy milk--were you able to get some? It sounds like you have a lot of ways to use Google Translate w/iPads, etc. My most important possession when I studied abroad in Austria was a small Langenscheidt's English/German and German/English Dictionary. Try to get one online or at a bookstore.
    My dad's favorite place ever in Switzerland was the quaint town of Grindelwald. I saw it written on a sign when you went to the Jungfrau I believe.
    Here is today's German lesson for you: The cool thing about German is that most words break down into exactly what they are saying. Jungfrau is jung=young; frau=lady so it means young lady. Lauterbrunnen is lauter=many; brunnen=springs so it means town of many springs.
    Tschuss for now!