Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Gurten, Friends, and Fribourg

    The skies finally cleared Thursday afternoon and we all headed up to the Gurten for the evening.  The Gurten is a small mountain in Bern that from the top you can see forever.  We took  the funicular to the top and then enjoyed the huge tree house, incredible views, and a circular staircase that takes you to the highest point overlooking the city.

The view from the Gurten

View of the Alps from Bern

On top of the Staircase.
The stairs - it's not leaning, I was just
a little dizzy after the climb.

    Friday evening we went to our friends, the Pratisto's , for dinner and had a wonderful evening.  Earlier in the day I had gone to a store similar to Deseret Industries and had found a bike for Kelly.  Saturday morning we went back to get it and found a bike for Keith and me.  Unfortunately there was not one Josh's size.
    After getting the bikes home on the train, Keith and Kelly took a long ride to the market in downtown Bern.  When they got home we went to Fribourg - a small French town about a 30 minute train from Bern.  We walked around and then had cheese fondue for the first time since we've been here.  Kelly loved, Josh hated it.
    On the way home  we ran into our neighbors on the tram.  I told them that we had gotten bikes for everyone but Josh and they said they had a bike just his size that their son had  out grown .  How lucky is that?  We have such unbelievably generous friends and neighbors!

St. Nickolas  Cathedral

"La fondue et l'amour font passer d'heureux jours"  
(fodue and love make happy days)

"Fromage et pain sont bons copains"  
(cheese and bread are good friends)

La Fondue in Fribourg

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