Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quarter Pounder and Swiss

Two days ago we took our friend's son to lunch and he had a hamburger from Mc Donalds.  It was 12 Swiss Franks which is about $16.  I thought it was too much to spend, so I had a mcflurry.  The entire time he was eating his hamburger I wanted to grab it from him and take a bite.  If it had been my own children, I would have.  So for the past two days all I can think about is that delicous looking McDonalds hamburger.  After looking at apartment all morning, we came back to out hotel, changed our clothes and headed out to get a hamburger.  The only McDonalds I knew of was at the Bern train station.  As we get off the train in Bern and walk down the platform we saw a sign that said Interlaken and that train was to take off in just a few minutes.  I don't know if Keith was trying to get out of buying me a $16 dollar hamburger, or if he really wanted a new adventure, but we hopped on the train, hamburgerless, and had the best day yet.

We went to Interlaken which in itself is the most beautiful train ride and the most beautiful little lake side village.  We took a new train to Lauterbrunnen where there was the most amazing waterfall.  From there we just kept going, up the mountain, past the cows with these huge cow bells, past this amazing little town, Wengen, with these incredible hotels, past these little chalet's that were so isolated and so alone on a mountain, and all the way to the tram that took you to the Jungraujoch.  We would have continued going but since we had flip flops and short sleeves  we weren't quite dressed for the cold or a hike in the Alps.  We took the tram back down to Lauterbrunnen where we had the most delicious raclete and chicken risotto, then headed home and were back in our room by 10:00.  This one actually was as perfect as it sounds.

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  1. Jon wanted me to tell you to go to interlacken. It was his favorite place of all. Jon Tally Meg and their friend Mike loved hiking those mountains. How lucky you all are!