Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

     We have had such an amazing experience with the friendly and kind Swiss people.  The first Sunday was spent with two great families.  And now this past Sunday we met the nicest people who invited us to their home for a 4th of July celebration on Monday.  Sunday we were invited to the Nick's home where we had banana cake and took a walk by the Aare River.

Sunday walk with the Bell family and the Nick Family.

Hazel, Josh and Jethro

In Keith's new office they have this huge red cow.

At the Readings home (Bill is from Connecticut, Renate is from Switzerland)
Josh, Keith , Renate, and Lara
Alyna and Kelly
Natasha and Lara

The car ride to the Readings and the train ride home was spectacular

        Monday, July  4, 2011 -  the kids and I took a tram to downtown Bern, then a train to Keith's work. (This took about 40 minutes and is the same route that Keith takes to and from work every day. )  We got to Keith's work in time to go across the street to the chocolate factory and try a few samples. (okay 27 samples to be exact)  At 5:00 Bill Reading picked us up in front of Keith's office and we took the most scenic 30 minute drive to their home in the country.
      We had a wonderful meal with the Bell's from Utah, two Buri families from Switzerland and the Readings.  They were all such beautiful people and so very interesting.  The Readings have a son leaving for Greece, Daniel Buri is moving to Zurich to head all the German speaking institutes, Bart Buri and his wife are teachers and all their children were so lovely.  We had a wonderful time, even sang the Star Spangled Banner and Brent Bell gave us a little history lesson.  Thank you Readings for inviting us!

     All Tuesday and most of the evening was spent looking for apartments.  Not fun.

We went to a tennis exhibition and missed Roger Federer by two hours.

     Wednesday, we went downtown in the morning to check out the Swiss Tennis exhibition.  It was sort of fun, but since we didn't understand what we could or could not do, and we couldn't really ask, it wasn't all that exciting.  The saddest part is my friend Monique was there later in the day and she was just inches from Roger Federer.  I can't believe I could have seen him in person if I had gone later.  After the tennis event we went to the larger Migros and bought some water guns and outdoor toys.  As soon as we got back to our flat there were ten kids waiting to play and Kelly, Josh, and all the neighborhood kids had a huge water fight.  Kelly and Josh have done so much better that I ever could have imagined with making this new transition.  I think having a few months before school starts will definitely help.

     Today is Thursday and we have a lot of exciting things that have me on edge.  Jen Snow Richards may have found us  renters for our home in Utah - 5 boys and a dog, sigh.  We will find out if it's a go in the next few days.  We looked at a really nice apartment in the same area that we are currently living.  It is not on the ground floor like this one is, but it is much bigger, and the kids have already made so many new friends.  Our neighbor said it would be a miracle to find a place in this area and I'm trying not to get my hopes up.  We will hoefully find out if we get it by the end of this week.  The only complication with getting this place is, it won't be available til the third or fourth week in August.  School stars August 15th and we have to be out of our current place by July 31.  No worries, things always seem to work out.  Kelly left at 10:00am to go on a school field trip with some of the neighbor kids.  She takes her i-pod with her so they can use the translating app to talk to each other.  I will be anxious to see how she does.  Josh and are thinking of going to the Zoo today.


  1. Love reading about your adventures. Thanks for posting. Sooooo glad that the kids are adjusting well. Is school still in session? We want to skype soon to see all of you.

  2. I've been thinking about you today. It's Sunday and we're heading to church in a bit. It's weird not seeing your family around. Mason misses Josh soooo much. I'm glad he can read your blog and see pictures of your fam.

    Love, love, love your blog. xoxo