Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

   Most of this week has been quite rainy which really limits my ability to entertain Kelly and Josh.  Monday we did wash (which without a dryer and with rain, is difficult)  Then we took the train downtown,  bought some extra umbrellas and tried to entertain ourselves by riding a crazy elevator, trying on hats, and as always, enjoying the view.  The evening was spent at IKEA where we had a great, inexpensive dinner and began to pick out furniture.  It was a 20 minute train ride, then a 15 minute bus ride to get there. (I mention this because for someone who hates to drive places, I sure love the trains!)

Tuesday we went with Keith's co-worker's wife, Uma, to Lake Brienze.  It was a beautiful train ride to Interlaken, then we took a boat for one and a half hours to the town of Brienze.  We walked around the town, had a wonderful lunch at an Italian food reastaurant overlooking the lake, and then took the boat  back to Interlaken.  Great Day!

Today, Thursday, it is raining again.  We are all going a little crazy!  The neighborhood kids are all on holiday, we don't have a t.v., and I can't seem to convince my kids that reading is cool.  After lunch we headed downtown and took pictures of beautiful downtown Bern.

This is the bridge and tram we take to get downtown.

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  1. I am LOVING your pictures Dru. What a beautiful part of the world. I Hope, hope, HOPE Joe and I can come for a visit in the Spring???

    Miss you! xoxo